domingo, 18 de mayo de 2008


In my region, there are many traditions and rituals related to the Passion and Easter. Most important is the living representation of the passion and death of Christ. In Rionero the Way Crucis is interpreted by men and women. All work in the country, in the weeks preceding for the success of the procession.
PALM SUNDAY - blessed olive branches are brought into homes and twisted with the Crucifix. THURSDAY 'HOLY-Dinner particular with different herbs and vegetables, lamb, bread or pizza azzimo salt. FRIDAY 'HOLY-Many faithful, in turn, praying before the Blessed placed in the so-called tomb. Way Crucis. Friday is the holy day of fasting and abstinence (not eat meat) In many areas people visited tombs set in the churches. In some areas held sacred representation of the passion of Jesus, in others there are processions in honor of the Cross. HOLY SATURDAY are prepared-colored eggs, a symbol of resurrection, and other foods characteristic of the Passover. SUNDAY OF RESURRECTION-Easter Lunch: lamb, various herbs, dove, chocolate eggs, dove or other typical sweet. About Easter traditions very interesting is the Report made by a pupil of IV B. The delivery date by doing was: "With the help of your parents or your grandparents told other customs related to Easter Christian" The customs that my parents remember more and that in some families are still present are the follows. My father said that when is was a child stain boiled eggs of all the colorie put in a basket on the table for a good omen. He said that his mother make the dolls biscuits and thosewere all covered with frosting and colorful candies. She prepared the Easter bread with fennel seed. She prepared the frisellini and many other specialties